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Relighting the Flame of Findul—the sword that guards the Tree of Life—wasn’t high on my bucket list. Especially when I found out who else was looking for it. But since the alternative was perishing in a fiery worldwide disaster… Well, let’s just say my priorities changed.

Iblog-image was told I’d have help. I was told I’d be in capable hands. Then I met my guardian angel.

I am so doomed.


Lauded by kids for its snarky humor, the Taylor Davis series was first published as two six-episode, 50-page serial adventures tailored specifically to reluctant readers. Each episode contains high action, crazy predicaments, bigger-than-life characters, and a nail-biter ending that encourages kids to keep reading! Both adventures have been collected into two complete novels. They are also still available in serial format.

flameoffindul_audiobook_cover-800x800In addition, Flame of Findul has also been produced as an audiobook, because audio is great for literacy! When kids take in language audibly and visually, it actually creates connections within different parts of the brain that aid a variety of reading skills: decoding, comprehension, increased vocabulary, fluency, word recognition… Besides all that, professional voice artists make a story that much more fun by bringing it to life. Try it for yourself. Listen to the first chapter!

“Cool story. It reminded me of Percy Jackson—non-stop adventure.” Wishing Shelf judge (boy, aged 12)

“Very funny all the way to the end.”  Wishing Shelf judge (boy, aged 10)

“I’m presently on Clash of Kingdoms and it’s just as good!” Wishing Shelf judge (girl, aged 13)